I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Justyna aka Chopinianna and I'm from Poland (so just to make things clear about why my English is not perfect).
I like to make historical costumes and cosplay... well, sort of. Actually I hate sewing :D I'm not good at it, but I try my best (usually with help from my more experienced friends). I love being creative and making jewelry. 
So, with that in mind it's time for the most important thing and the reason for this introduction post: my costumes are not 100% historically accurate. I just want to say it at the beginning to avoid any confusion from my viewers. What I mean by that? Well, if the gown was originally from silk, then I'll probably use something that looks similar and doesn't ruin me financially. Same thing with jewelry. I don't use gold or silver, but mostly EVA foam, liquid metal and glass rhinestones. Basically anything that works. For me what is important is to make the end result looking as close to the original as possible and... to have fun! :)

I hope you'll enjoy the stuff that I'm going to post there,

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