My replica of the Sapphire Coronet and Prince Albert's Brooch

Prince Albert's Brooch was the first thing that I made for Queen Victoria's costume. I made it (like most of jewelry that I make) using eva foam and glass rhinestones. I tried to give it more dimension by sticking together rhinestones to create kind-of diamond shape.

The Sapphire Coronet is the only (excluding Victoria's locket pendant, but I'll write about that in another post) piece of Queen Victoria's jewelry that I didn't make 100% myself from scratch. I found a small crown that is very similar to the original Sapphire Coronet. I made eva foam gold bases with acrylic "sapphires" and glued it to this tiara. I guess it kind of works :)

The original brooch was a present to Queen Victoria from Prince Albert. He gave it to her the day before their wedding. You can see it on many Victoria's portraits.
The Coronet was also designed and given as a gift to the Queen by her husband. I am very happy that after many years it will return to the V&A museum!

Here is me wearing the Brooch with my full Victoria costume. You can also read about my Diamond Diadem replica that I'm wearing on this picture <click >.

I still need to take some photos with the Coronet on (well, the gown from the picture is based of Winterhalter's portrait where Queen Victoria is wearing the Coronet, so I guess I don't have a choice :D ).


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