My replica of the Diamond Diadem | George IV State Diadem

The State Diadem was definitely the most time-consuming element of my Queen Victoria's costume.

I made it myself from scrap so it was quite a challenge. I started with a base: two layers of an eva foam with wires, costume bones and if I remember correctly... rulers. After all, it had to be able to hold the weight of glue and many, many rhinestones (I bought most of rhinestones on Aliexpress. The shipping takes a while, but the low price made it possible for me to make this project).

I tried to make the measurements and shapes as close to the original as possible, though it is a bit bigger because I had to make it the right size for my wig (in real life I have short pink bob, so not very Victoria-like haha). Fortunately for this element I had no problem finding photos and all important information about it, because it's still in use by Her Majesty Queen Elizabth II.

Here is me wearing it with my wig. It actually sparkles like crazy even though the rhinestones are glass ones!

Photo by Monika KozieĊ„ Photography
Aaaaaaand more photos of the Diadem!

I had lots of fun making it! :)
This is how it all looked at the beginning

Let me know what you think,

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