My replica of Queen Victoria's Garter of the Order of the Garter

One of the most important things in creating Queen Victoria's costume was making the whole set of the Order of the Garter insignia. So the next few post will be about these elements of my costume, starting from the Garter.

I made mine using dark blue velvet, glass rhinestone chains, glass and acrylic rhinestones and liquid metal paint.
The text on it says "Honi soit qui mal y pense (Shame on him who thinks ill of it)".

You can see it on many of Queen Victoria's portraits

Queen Victoria by by Alexander Melville, 1845

Also on my profile picture and a few pictures of me in Queen Victoria's costume you may notice the sad fact that I'm wearing my Garter all wrong :( I was in such a big rush that the person that helped me put it on did it the wrong way and I didn't even notice (well, actually my whole sleeve was wrong and we also sewed the garter in, so I coudn't change it at the time. I need to put some kind of closing to it to avoid this mistake in the future. And also fix the sleeve, but that's all for another post).


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